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Miranda July rox my sox!

The most inspiring person of the decade for me would have to be Ms. Miranda July. I didn't even know who she was when I first fell in love with her. I used to frequent the website Learning to Love You More, it's pretty much a place where assignments where given out and then people would report on the process and show their final products. There are no new assignments, and you can't upload to it anymore, but the website is still incredible, and I encourage you to check it out and try a project or two. So there is that site that I am in love with, which I came to learn was ran by a few artist, one of those artists is Miranda July!

Then on the web I would run into some pretty awesome videos and images, they also turned out to be Miranda July's projects.


What broke me to finally look her up was watching the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know. This was just a random movie that I requested off of Netflix (pretty much because the cover was cute), and it was one of the strangest movies I have ever watched, but strange in a the most beautiful way. The people were all so freak wacky I just had to know who the heck would do such a thing, and who all of these awesome actors were, the little boy is my favorite. Well it turned out that Ms. Miranda wrote the darn screenplay for the movie and also stared in it as the crazy video artist.

When I went to her website I saw all of these familiar images and links to sites that I had kept in my bookmarks, that was the “slow motion run and embrace in front of the fountain” moment for me, so this is why I name Ms. Miranda July the most inspirational person of the decade! She makes me want to dance in my underwear and socks, to speak like a robot, to document the smallest moments in my day because one day those will be the moments I will miss the most, she makes me want to play the guitar, to paint, she gives me the confidence to express myself with purple sweater vests and green strip shirts, she gave me the power to wear overalls because they were comfortable and make me feel like a big happy kid! Miranda brings tears of joy and freedom to my eyes, did I mention that I love her and find her to be a great inspiration!

Thank you Ms. Miranda, your mind is a beautiful mess and I love you for it!

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Elizabeth said...

she is cute! great pick :)

*happy new year ♥