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Finally Broke Out

Me in the Hospital

See what happen was… I had lots of pain from Monday-Thursday every night, I woke up Friday morning and the pain had not gone away, and was worse. I made my way to the clinic, but couldn’t wait for them to see me before I started to vomit in their parking lot, and got told I should head to the ER. In the car we went and I showed up at the ER so sad (really I was so sad, lol, I hate going to the doctor/hospital.) They put me on a bed asked me a few questions and said I might have gallstones. I had a ultrasound and it confirmed it, plus I had pancreatitis and jaundice. I was a triple winner!! So I got lots of yummy meds and waited for a them to admit me to the hospital.

I then spent the next 48 hrs waiting to have surgury to have my gallbladder removed, and I couldn’t eat or drink anything. The worse part was that my brother & his wife had just had my nephew that morning and were on the same floor as me, right around the corner, but we couldn’t see each other!!! So SAD!

Sunday morning I got the surgery and hung out in bed most of the day, and by Monday I had already been up for a few walks and did good with my jello and juice so they let me go!! My mom picked me up took me to get my pain meds and some new PJs and we stayed at my parents overnight so that they can watch me & make sure I’m alright!

My Lunch

I feel much better, only a little pain around my cuts, but I am very happy to be home! Thanks to all the friends & fam that came by, called, texted, and messaged me! I love u guys!

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